When I was younger, no one could get me to read. I didn’t really enjoy books like I do now. I’ve always liked having books in my room, but I never read any of them. During summer last year, is when I really got into reading. I like romantic, sad, and some mystery books. A few books I got done reading recently are, The Sins of the Mother, One Summer, and Friends Forever. They are all wonderful novels, and they teach the reader how important life is. I don’t know what made me love reading so much, but I’m glad I do. Because books are wonderful!

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I absolutely love Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a time to spend with the ones you love, your friends and family. Turkey, stuffing, green bean casserole, ham, mashed potatoes, all the best foods all on one plate. Just writing about this is making my stomach growl. I can never get full from Thanksgiving, I just can’t get enough! The days after, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner I have left overs from it. The left overs are just as good as the day it all was made. Do Thanksgiving-Dinner-Menuyou love Thanksgiving as much as I do? If not, you’re happy-thanksgivingcrazy!

My Best Friend

In kindergarten I met an amazing person. I am a senior in high school now, and we are still as best of friends as in the beginning. We have gone through some tough times, a few fights, and we have our differences. But, without each other, we would be completely lost. We’re always there for each other whether near or far. I love my best friend to death, she’s not only my best friend, but she’s more like a sister that I never had. Years will come and go, but I hope after high school our friendship will last forever.

Animal Abuse

I think people that abuse animals should go to prison for life. Yes, that is a harsh punishment, but abusing animals is very harsh. People think animals are nothing but a four legged thing with fur. I have five dogs, and two cats. I love them all the same, and I wouldn’t trade any of them for the world. They each have their own different personalities. They know they’re loved, and cared for.

People that abuse animals think that they’re doing a good thing, teaching the animal what not to do. But, there’s a limit to that, you teach your dogs the right and wrong things by showing them what they did wrong, and give them a treat when they do something right. Not, kicking and beating them to death. Animals are very smart, they deserve to have owners that actually want them. Abusers that treat animals horribly shouldn’t have them! Rest In Peace to all the animals that have past away from abuse. You are loved, and always will be.

The book “The Notebook”

If you are looking for a book that is romantic, and emotional, I really suggest you should read “The Notebook”. It is a great book, and an easy read too. If you would choose to read it for a book report, once you start, you wouldn’t be able to stop. I’m pretty positive that you would keep reading because of how much you like the book, rather than thinking you have to read it for a class in school.

“The Notebook” is defiantly a page turner. After you read the book, I suggest you watch the movie then, decide which is better. I think the book is better than the movie, other than the ending. The ending in the movie is way more emotional and perfect. The ending of the book, it leaves you wondering what will happen next. So, if you are looking for a book that is romantic, and emotional, I suggest you read “The Notebook”.