When I was younger, no one could get me to read. I didn’t really enjoy books like I do now. I’ve always liked having books in my room, but I never read any of them. During summer last year, is when I really got into reading. I like romantic, sad, and some mystery books. A few books I got done reading recently are, The Sins of the Mother, One Summer, and Friends Forever. They are all wonderful novels, and they teach the reader how important life is. I don’t know what made me love reading so much, but I’m glad I do. Because books are wonderful!

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I love photography, I’ve been in love with photography for a while now. I love Macro photography, and Landscape. Macro photography is probably my all time favorite. I have a Canon t3i Rebel of my own, and a macro lens I got for my birthday last April. I love going out on rainy days, and get amazing close up pictures of rain drops. Or even going outside on a sunny day and getting an amazing shot of a fly’s eye or its rainbow back.
I go to Elkhart Area Career Center for photography. This year is my second year in it, and I love it. Last year, I didn’t give it my all, and I kind of gave up in the middle. But, this year since it’s my last year, I’m going to give it my all in school. I kept telling myself, and I made myself believe that I’m not good at taking pictures of people. Like, their senior pictures, engagement pictures, etc. But, just recently I took my best friend’s senior pictures. I feel pretty confident about them. I think I might take more pictures of people more often. I proved myself wrong.