Crayon Art!

Have you heard of crayon art? It’s a fun little home project you can do. All you need is, crayons, a white board, glue gun, a hair dryer and your imagination. I have made about ten of them, and they’re so fun to do!

Step 1: Have everything laid out on a table


Step 2: Put the crayons you want to use on the white board, and lay them out how you want them.


Step 3: Plug in the glue gun and once it’s ready, start gluing down your crayons.


Step 4: Now prop up your white board, plug in the hair dryer, and start melting your crayons.


Step 5: Start all over again with a different idea from before!

I suggest you put newspaper under and on both sides of the white board. Or you will have a hard mess to clean up afterward. I have learned that from experience. I hope I gave you an idea of something fun and addictive to do during your free time.