I think Fall is probably the best season there is. It’s the great kind of weather to do anything, play outside, read a book outside, or just be outside and enjoy the weather. I love seeing the leaves change, they look beautiful in pictures. I have been thinking about when I want to get my senior pictures taken, and I was thinking either fall or spring. I’m thinking more in the fall, the weather and leaves are just so pretty.


Animal Abuse

I think people that abuse animals should go to prison for life. Yes, that is a harsh punishment, but abusing animals is very harsh. People think animals are nothing but a four legged thing with fur. I have five dogs, and two cats. I love them all the same, and I wouldn’t trade any of them for the world. They each have their own different personalities. They know they’re loved, and cared for.

People that abuse animals think that they’re doing a good thing, teaching the animal what not to do. But, there’s a limit to that, you teach your dogs the right and wrong things by showing them what they did wrong, and give them a treat when they do something right. Not, kicking and beating them to death. Animals are very smart, they deserve to have owners that actually want them. Abusers that treat animals horribly shouldn’t have them! Rest In Peace to all the animals that have past away from abuse. You are loved, and always will be.


I love photography, I’ve been in love with photography for a while now. I love Macro photography, and Landscape. Macro photography is probably my all time favorite. I have a Canon t3i Rebel of my own, and a macro lens I got for my birthday last April. I love going out on rainy days, and get amazing close up pictures of rain drops. Or even going outside on a sunny day and getting an amazing shot of a fly’s eye or its rainbow back.
I go to Elkhart Area Career Center for photography. This year is my second year in it, and I love it. Last year, I didn’t give it my all, and I kind of gave up in the middle. But, this year since it’s my last year, I’m going to give it my all in school. I kept telling myself, and I made myself believe that I’m not good at taking pictures of people. Like, their senior pictures, engagement pictures, etc. But, just recently I took my best friend’s senior pictures. I feel pretty confident about them. I think I might take more pictures of people more often. I proved myself wrong.